The HW Annual is the definitive mortgage event for all stakeholders in the housing and mortgage economy. With a combination of networking opportunities, exclusive housing market insights, and speakers from all occupations, HW Annual helps professionals from all industries grow, innovate, and win market share. Professionals of all backgrounds – from lenders, servicers, and industry experts, to community partners, non-profits, and government decision makers – come together to learn, share, and collaborate.

This event is versatile, offering initiatives to educate and inform, as well as the chance to build relationships with all who have or seek an interest in the housing sector. Through in depth panel and keynote sessions, attendees gain access to the latest market intelligence and strategies to help them navigate ever-changing marketplace dynamics. On the networking side, attendees are able to congregate in a virtual environment as well as within their respective circles.

The HW Annual delivers:
• Unique networking opportunities: Connect with peers and build professional relationships
• Exclusive housing market insights: Learn the latest strategies to help navigate the ever-changing marketplace
• Inspiring speakers: Hear industry experts’ approach for global issues from all walks of life
• Comprehensive education: Access depth in-depth panel and keynote sessions to even on the latest market intelligence

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