Lenders need emerging technology to help them stay adaptable and successfully handle constant change in the fast-paced, volatile mortgage market. An advanced product, pricing, and eligibility (PPE) system, in particular, might mean the difference between surpassing or failing to meet borrower expectations.

To gain more mortgage business in 2022 and beyond, lenders must provide borrowers with the most incredible lending packages at the cheapest costs. Lenders can achieve this by discovering the most competitive goods at the lowest rates feasible using advanced PPE technologies. In addition, lenders may use the most advanced PPE technology to provide borrowers with operational efficiency and accurate secondary marketing information at any time and from any location.

Advanced Product pricing and eligibility (PPE) system is a competitive need for lenders. Mortgage operations aim to improve the customer experience by making PPE functions as competitive, transparent, and accessible as possible. For example, Black Knight, a comprehensive, integrated technology corporation, provides unmatched support to lenders with its best-in-class Optimal Blue PPE system, making product and pricing capabilities available from any solution across the loan life cycle.

To provide the most up-to-date rules and real-time pricing, lenders must be able to access computations from hundreds of prominent investors in seconds. The most powerful PPE engines use artificial intelligence to analyze borrowers’ information, allowing you to constantly deliver the right products at the best rates in real-time. PPE also provides lenders with the resources they need to build and maintain a competitive product offering that aligns with borrower circumstances and eligibility requirements.

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