Sprout Mortgage, a former mortgage lender, is close to settling several lawsuits concerning unpaid wages due to their abrupt closure.

The cases are being resolved after a California labor commission uncovered the ex-workers’ unpaid wages. This includes wages and additional compensation such as meal allowances, bonuses and hourly wages. A section of the commission’s report also noted other alleged offenses such as failing to pay out vacation time, miscalculation of overtime wages, and not providing accurate wage statements.

Key Points:

• Sprout Mortgage closed abruptly leading to several lawsuits by ex-employees
• California labor commission uncovered workers’ unpaid wages
• Unpaid wages include wages, bonuses, meal allowances as well as other compensation such as overtime wages and vacation time
• Report also showed miscalculation of wages and inaccurate wage statements

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/defunct-sprout-agrees-to-pay-3-5m-for-unpaid-wages/(subscription required)

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