Homelessness is a long-standing problem that has thus far proved difficult to overcome. But one Dallas, Texas based organization has demonstrated that reducing the homeless population is possible with the right combination of resources.

The organization’s approach includes both addressing the problem of homelessness at its roots, while also developing innovative and affordable housing options. The organization is committed to bettering the quality of life for those living in poverty, which boosts overall community wellbeing and stems from the organization’s core values of compassion and collaboration.

In order to reduce homelessness, their strategy is two-fold. First, the organization works to eliminate barriers to housing by offering a variety of resources, such as healthcare, access to job/skill training, and food assistance. Secondly, their commitment to building affordable housing within the city has resulted in an increase in available options for homeless and low-income populations.

Key Elements of the Text:
– Dallas-based organization is tackling homelessness
– Organization committed to bettering quality of life for those in poverty
– Strategy is two-fold – eliminate barriers to housing via resources and adding available options for homeless and low-income populations
– Values of compassion and collaboration are an integral part of the organization’s mission

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/homelessness-is-not-an-unsolvable-problem/(subscription required)

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