Housing starts are experiencing a surge in growth, primarily driven by a rise in single-family homes, while the previously flourishing apartment market has seen a decline. This shift in the housing industry is contributing to a stable trajectory for the overall market, as long as new home sales continue to rise.

Key elements from the text:

– Single-family growth surpasses apartment boom: Single-family housing starts are on the rise, while apartment construction has slowed down.
– Boost in new home sales: The increase in housing starts is reliant upon the growth of new home sales, which are crucial to maintaining the stability of the market.
– Stable data line: The current trend in housing starts, driven by single-family growth and new home sales, is supporting a stable data line, indicating a consistent performance in the industry.

This evolution in the housing market reflects a shift in preferences, with buyers increasingly favoring single-family homes over apartment living. As developers focus on constructing more single-family properties, the industry is poised for stability and sustained growth. However, sustaining the upward trajectory will depend on the continued growth of new home sales, ensuring a robust demand for these types of properties.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/housing-starts-flexes-its-single-family-muscle/(subscription required)

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