Simplifile, an online document collaboration and e-recording network operated by ICE Mortgage Technology, is now supporting erecording in more than 2,400 U.S. counties.

This groundbreaking service provides an integrated, comprehensive solution to current mortgage closing challenges that arise from the need to securely store and transfer many documents online. Simplifile works by enabling mortgage lenders and closing agents to severally and simultaneously scan, share, and store electronic closing documents, and track the progress of the closing process. This ensures documents are securely accessed and reviewed without the need for hard-copy deliverables.

Since its launching, Simplifile has become the nation’s top-ranked e-recording network, often leading the industry in adoption of new e-recording counties and participating lenders. This continuing success is the result of the company’s effective management of over 80% of all e-recording transactions in the U.S., as well as its robust functionality. The service has been praised for facilitating the seamless process of document management in the mortgage closing experience.

Further advances for Simplifile include an integrated cloud-based lending platform, developed in collaboration with preeminent lenders, title companies, and e-recording authorities. This makes it easier for lenders to track primary, secondary, and condominium documents within the system to a loan level. Rounding out the service is a full suite of reporting and analytics tools, enabling lenders to gain greater insight into their document management processes, including time savings and cost reductions.

Simplifile, a service of ICE Mortgage Technology, is ultimately revolutionizing the document management experience for mortgage lenders and closing agents by providing the legal, secure, and cost effective solution for e-recording. Its breakthrough technology and services provides an easy, efficient transaction process that produces heightened visibility and reduced dependency on paper-based document delivery and storage.

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