The single-family rental (SFR) sector and fix-and-flip markets are experiencing tough times in the current housing market. High interest rates, approaching 8%, are making refinancing more difficult for existing owners and financing more expensive for new buyers. Coupled with this, escalating home prices and decreased housing inventory is leading to further financial pressures on both tenants and landlords.

For investors, particularly those looking to enter the SFR or fix-and-flip markets, these conditions require an increased level of financial analysis in order to identify the most attractive and rewarding deals in their local marketplaces. However, current market analytics and services combined with a strong understanding of local property values should suffice to allow investors to make sound decisions about potential investments.

Key Points:
• High interest rates approaching 8% making it difficult to refinance and expensive to finance
• Home prices and inventory are also contributing to making the market more difficult
• Investors must take a more thorough approach in order to find the right deals
• Market analytics and services are available to help make informed decisions

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