As the mortgage industry increasingly turns toward digitalization, there has been a growing focus on the practices of companies on the forefront of this movement. Recently, this focus has come to the attention of Better, a digital lender undergoing its IPO. A former executive of the company, Jon Weiss, has levied claims of securities and labor law violations against the Better’s CEO, Vishal Garg.

Weiss has identified a number of allegations against Garg and other Better executives. These include improper salary withholdings, as well as barring Weiss from receiving equity that had been promised. Additionally, Weiss alleges cost-cutting measures that involved prioritizing the company’s needs over the safety of its customers and their financial records. Finally, Weiss claims that the company did not adequately address his concerns as they arose.

Most Important Elements of the Text:
• Allegations levied against Better CEO Vishal Garg by former executive Jon Weiss
• Claims involve improper salary withholdings and barred equity
• Cost-cutting measures prioritized company needs over customer security
• Weiss claims company did not adequately address his concerns

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