Rocket Mortgage is a consumer direct lending platform that looks to challenge the traditional banking model by allowing customers to use their website to navigate the mortgage process. Recent reports suggest that Rocket is looking to improve their purchase market traction by hiring local bankers with real estate industry connections. The goal of this recruiting strategy is two-fold: to vet customers more efficiently and also to ensure Rocket is positioned to offer its borrowers the best products and rate sheets.

The key advantages of hiring local bankers include increased agility and cost reduction in terms of marketing, customer service, and loan processing. Automation may allow decisions to be made faster and more accurately, but local bankers can offer insight into the real estate market and introduce potential borrowers to lenders. By leveraging local banks and real estate agents, Rocket can provide a more personal approach to mortgage financing.

• Leveraging local banker and realtor connections
• Increased agility and cost reduction
• Automated decisions for faster and more accurate decisions
• More personalized approach to mortgage financing
• Vet customers more efficiently for best products and rate sheets

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