Rithm Capital, a venture capital and private equity arm of Rithm Investment Advisors, has announced its expansion in Europe, having hired former Bank of America executive, Jan Hommen, to head its operations. This strategic move is part of Rithm’s larger plan to become a leading global venture investor in the technology and lives sciences sectors and to leverage on their existing portfolio to improve the company’s international reach.

Rithm Capital is best known for its investments in the digital health space, having previously supported high-value companies such as Healthy.io, Redox and Whisper. According to Hommen, Rithm has the capital and expertise to support entrepreneurs as they expand internationally. The venture capital and private equity arm has have also tapped into the field of precision medicine and data-driven health economics. This allows them to access the potentially lucrative European market, which is increasingly becoming more receptive to the healthcare industry’s digital shift.

Rithm’s leadership team in Europe will consist of both Hommen and Toli Papadopoulos, the partner previously responsible for their international expansion and based in Athens, Greece. As the head of this venture, Hommen is dedicated to maintaining the widely acclaimed Rithm investment strategy and expanding his team’s available resources, forming what could be an incredibly competitive and successful venture opportunity.

With its focus on the healthcare and technology industry and its newly implemented Europe-based venture capital initiative, Rithm Capital clearly has ambitious plans to become the go-to venture capital on the continent. By investing in Europe, the team is hoping to become the de facto philanthropic leader in the healthcare industry, and the ultimate goal is to revolutionize how healthcare companies operate. Armed with its experienced executives, expansive networks and expansive portfolios, Rithm Capital looks set to be a major player in the European venture capital landscape for years to come.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/rithm-capital-expands-to-europe-hires-former-bofa-exec-to-lead/(subscription required)

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