The mortgage industry in Massachusetts is grappling with a legal requirement for face-to-face counseling for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM). Industry experts are closely monitoring developments as efforts are underway to potentially overturn this requirement. Some of the key points to consider include:

– Massachusetts now mandates face-to-face counseling for HECM loans
– Industry professionals are advocating for a change to this requirement
– The legal landscape surrounding HECM counseling in the state is fluid and subject to potential revisions
– Stakeholders are actively engaged in discussions to address the challenges posed by the face-to-face counseling mandate

The implications of the face-to-face counseling requirement for HECM loans in Massachusetts are significant for both industry professionals and consumers. As the legal framework continues to evolve, experts are working diligently to navigate the complexities of this issue and explore potential solutions. Stay tuned as the debate over HECM counseling requirements in Massachusetts unfolds.

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