According to a recent report, California experienced a significant migration pattern in 2022, with nearly 215,000 people leaving the state. However, there was also a notable influx of nearly 44,000 Gen Z adults, resulting in a net positive gain for California. This phenomenon raises questions about why so many individuals from this demographic are choosing to move to the Golden State.

Key points:

– California witnessed an exodus of approximately 215,000 movers in 2022.
– Despite this, there was a substantial increase of around 44,000 Gen Z adults moving to California.
– This resulted in a net positive gain for the state, despite the overall outflow.
– The article explores the reasons behind the influx of Gen Z individuals to California, aiming to uncover the motivations driving this trend.
– The report was originally published on Weekly Real Estate News, providing valuable insights into the state’s changing demographics.

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