The Realtor marketplace is a combination of a multiple listing service and oversight provided by the Realtors association, supported by most brokerage firms and sales agents. This type of marketplace is known for its fairness and efficiency, and it has been discussed in the industry for many years.

It utilizes a variety of mechanisms to provide users with sufficient information and applies specific rules that control how different participants conduct business. Brokerages are rewarded or penalized depending on their adherence to the principles of the market. Furthermore, the presence of the association allows for the formulation of consistent policies throughout the field. Consumers benefit from a standard of service that brokers must meet and the ability to receive reliable guidance from an independent source.

• Combines MLS with Realtor Association oversight
• Fairness and efficiency discussed in industry for many years
• Variety of mechanisms to provide users with sufficient information
• Rules controlling different participants’ conduct
• Brokerages rewarded/penalized by adherence to principles
• Association allows for formulation of consistent policies
• Standard of service brokers must meet
• Consumers benefit from reliable guidance from independent source

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