M&A activity in the real estate industry has been quiet over the past year, despite the strong performance of the economy. However, recent news proves that completing large deals is still possible, as evidenced by two prominent real estate companies in California and Texas, DPP and Realty Austin, respectively. Both companies have been recently acquired by Compass, one of the leading real estate technology companies.

The transaction between Compass, DPP and Realty Austin was accomplished by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative business practices. Compass plans to integrate DPP and Realty Austin’s services into their product offerings, allowing the companies to scale quickly. Furthermore, Compass has reported that by adding these two firms into their portfolio, they will be able to strengthen and expand on their existing services.

Most Important Elements:
• M&A activity has been quiet in real estate sector
• Transaction between Compass, DPP and Realty Austin has finalized
• Cutting-edge technology and innovative business practices leveraged
• Companies integrated into Compass’ product offerings
• Companies scaled quickly and services strengthened and expanded upon

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