Maui, and other regions of Hawaii, have been hit hard by recent wildfires. Real estate professionals are among those taking proactive measures to show their support, putting into action the values of their profession: helping others.

Real estate professionals on Maui are providing much needed services and resources in the wake of the fires, such as temporary housing, supplies, internet access, and even access to their personal vehicles. Furthermore, agents from other parts of the country have pledged to donate from their commissions. They are committed to helping their fellow real estate professionals in dire need, an act of selflessness and solidarity.

Bullet points:

– Wildfires recently hit Maui and other regions of Hawaii
– Real estate professionals are providing essential support through temporary housing, supplies, internet access, and even personal vehicles
– Real estate professionals from other regions have pledged to donate commission fees from their transactions
– An act of selflessness and solidarity by the real estate community

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