For many private lenders, raising capital is a never-ending task. The most difficult component of the process, whether they target mortgage investors for individual trust deeds or a mortgage fund, is generating investor leads. Unfortunately, most lenders do a terrible job of communicating their investment offerings to the general populace. Here are a few ideas for getting “inbound” investor leads on a shoestring budget.

  1. Open a different website

The majority of lenders have just a single basic page for raising capital. While it’s quite simple to add a new page for investment to your existing business website, it is recommended that you build a different website as a lender that is focused solely on your investment offers for investors. Then, retain the existing business website for the origination of loans while adding a link to the website for capital raising.

  1. Create a stunning pitch deck

Create a pitch deck that includes all of the same information as your investment websites, such as about the business, performance report, track record, benefits of investing, and loan guidelines. Then, offer to send it to potential mortgage investors in exchange for completing a brief form on your website.

  1. High-quality videos

Generate top-notch videos to promote the opportunity surrounding your investment offers. A high-quality video will lend credibility to your organization and aid in the development of trust before or after a face-to-face meeting. These videos should be hosted on YouTube and be search-engine optimized.

Private Lenders can generate capital sufficiently using the above-discussed inbound marketing strategies. To read more on marketing strategies to raise capital as a private lender, click here.

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