Planet Home Lending, a Connecticut-based lender, has recently made a move to expand its mortgage lending capabilities with the acquisition of the assets of Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation, located in Illinois. This move marks an important development in the industry as it further broadens Planet Home Lending’s vision of providing the most comprehensive suite of home lending choices on the market.

This acquisition by Planet Home Lending will add significant momentum to its growth strategy that involves developing a full-service mortgage banker offering loan origination and servicing capabilities to its existing product offering. It will also empower the lender to provide housing finance solutions across a wide spectrum of customers, from low to high-income borrowers.

Planet Home Lending looks to benefit from the acquisition, strategically diversifying its product portfolio and increasing its customer base significantly. The acquisition will allow them to provide more comprehensive loan offerings, all along enhancing customer experience.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation by Planet Home Lending will provide a suite of home lending options for a wide spectrum of customers. It provides opportunities for the lender to offer more comprehensive loan products, while improving customer experience. Further expansion of the lender’s market share further contributes to the mortgage banking industry’s growth.

Key takeaways:
• Planet Home Lending has acquired the assets of Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation
• The acquisition will enable it to provide a full suite of home lending options to customers
• It will diversify its product portfolio and significantly increase its customer base
• It will enhance customer experience and improve the lender’s market share

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