One of the leading loan origination platform providers, Figure Technologies, Inc, recently announced a collaboration with some of the country’s top independent mortgage banks. The purpose of the partnership is to expand the reach of Figure’s home equity line of credit (HELOC) products. This would provide homeowners with the chance to access the equity in their homes, of which many have seen a sharp increase in recent years.

This new partnership offers homeowners an innovative loan product. The HELOC products are both easily accessible and have features that enable borrowers to control costs and track payments. Benefits of these HELOC products include: a personalized home budgeting tool that provides visibility into their finances as well as amortization schedules; the ability to borrow and pay funds as needed; and a lower APR and no closing costs. With the collaboration of some of the country’s top IMBs, Figure is aiming to provide greater access to these innovative loan products.

• Collaboration with several of the country’s top IMBs
• Aimed at providing Figure’s HELOC loan products to homeowners with increasing equity
• Features a personalized budgeting tool with visibility into borrower finances and amortization schedules
• Ability to borrow and pay funds as needed
• Lower APR and no closing costs
• Greater access to innovative loan products as result of partnership

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