New urbanism is prompting a reflection on past lifestyles and encouraging a renewed sense of purpose in how we should live. This growing movement emphasizes the importance of designing neighborhoods that foster walkability, community engagement, and sustainable practices. By studying traditional neighborhoods and small towns, new urbanism seeks to reintroduce elements that were once intrinsic to the way we lived.

Key Points:
• Reflection on the past: New urbanism prompts us to look back at how we used to live, highlighting the virtues and positive aspects of traditional neighborhoods and small towns.
• Sense of purpose: This movement encourages individuals and communities to rethink their lifestyle choices and prioritize elements such as walkability, community engagement, and sustainability.
• Designing neighborhoods: New urbanism advocates for the design and planning of neighborhoods that promote walkability, with mixed-use developments that encourage residents to easily access their daily needs on foot.
• Community engagement: This movement promotes a sense of belonging and encourages active participation within the community, fostering connections between neighbors and enhancing social cohesion.
• Sustainability: New urbanism emphasizes environmentally friendly practices, including sustainable transportation options, efficient use of resources, and green spaces.
• Reintroduction of traditional elements: By studying the characteristics of traditional neighborhoods and small towns, new urbanism aims to integrate elements such as front porches, narrower streets, and mixed-use zoning back into modern living environments.

Overall, new urbanism seeks to create vibrant, human-scale communities that prioritize people over cars, foster social interaction, and promote sustainable living.

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