The U.S. mortgage industry is facing a period of tremendous change due to growing financial instability. Many bankers and other professionals in this sector are considering sweeping changes in how mortgages are handled. In response, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a leader in financial technology, has created an interconnected infrastructure to facilitate the banking sector’s transition.

This infrastructure is designed to provide an end-to-end solution, from origination to closure, by unifying services like credit risk, document management, closing documents, and more. It will also ensure easier access to data which can be shared among banks. With the integration of audit trails, real-time tracking, and a secure back-end, banks will have a comprehensive view of their operations and customers’ needs.

The key features of ICE’s infrastructure include:
• Credit Risk: Provides an integrated system aimed to streamline the analysis process to support credit decisions.
• Document Management: Enables an efficient system with etching technology to ensure accuracy
• Closing Documents: Automates preparation and communication to support improved efficiencies and transparent customer experiences.
• Data and Analytics: Allows access to customer data and empowers institutions to easily review, analyze, and report.
• Audit Trails: Provides real-time monitoring capabilities to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations.
• Secure Back-end: Ensures secure storage of customer data to provide peace of mind.

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