Our company, Note Servicing Center Inc., was created in 1980 to support the cash flow industry by servicing all types of cash flows – regardless of how “over the top” they may be. We have grown with the Cash Flow Industry by servicing anything having a periodic payment regardless of the payment complexity or uniqueness of the investment vehicle.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our business is that as a licensed real estate “threshold” broker, the company is qualified to service fractionated (multi-investor) notes, making it possible for even the new cash flow consultant to flex part or all of their profit into a partial interest in a note without having to comply with the reporting requirement. This keeps the new consultant from having their nose pressed against the window watching real wealth pass them by.

The real estate community relies upon the Note Servicing Center, setting them free to exercise creativity in structuring even the most non-traditional financing, knowing the Note Servicing Center can handle the collection, disbursement, year-end accounting, IRS reporting, and escrowing taxes and insurance, no matter how weird the note.

So, here we are again supporting a NEW KIND OF CASH FLOW. “The Land Trust”. Although not new to many of us, investors and real estate entrepreneurs alike are jumping on the bandwagon joining forces to fill a need for struggling homeowners who have fallen victim to credit cards, have boarded adjustable-rate mortgages, or own over the encumbered property. The “land trust” is a method of real estate ownership whereby a trustee holds legal title to real estate, while the trust’s beneficiary(s) are anonymous but have complete control over its management.

Typically the investor becomes the Investor Beneficiary, the Real Estate entrepreneur (facilitator), and sometimes the investor, puts the land trust together and the seller of the real estate (former owner) is the Settlor or Resident Beneficiary. In the Land Trust, an investor can acquire or dispose of real estate ownership without the necessity of new financing, down payment, or triggering the dreaded “due on sale” clause.

Just imagine the possibilities!!! What a boost to your bottom Line

To support the entrepreneurial community, once again the owners of the Note Servicing Center stepped up to the plate. In 2000 Equity Holding Corporation, a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation was formed to solely engage in the holding of titles in land trusts. Fully staffed and functioning as a Corporate Trustee the firm represents the “members” (beneficiaries) of the land trust and not the stockholders. Equity Management Service also was created to function as a collection and bill paying service for the beneficiaries of the trust at no charge to the Trustee.

For more information on land trust, go to: www.landtrust.net or www.equityholding.org

This article was modified from an article originally written by Note Servicing Center and posted to this site on 2006/03/16.