According to recent data, the U.S. housing market saw a slight decline in single-family rent growth compared to the previous year. However, it is important to note that the current levels are still higher than those seen before the COVID-19 pandemic. This indicates that the rental market has maintained its resilience despite the ongoing challenges posed by the global health crisis.

Key points from the data include:

– Single-family rent growth in the U.S. experienced a year-over-year softening in October.
– Despite the decline, the current rent levels remain higher than pre-pandemic levels.
– This data suggests that the rental market has shown resilience in the face of ongoing challenges.

Overall, this information implies that the U.S. rental market has demonstrated a certain degree of stability throughout the pandemic. While year-over-year growth has softened slightly, the fact that rent levels have remained above pre-pandemic levels highlights the enduring demand for single-family rental properties in the country.

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