“Leading yourself, towards your aims. Which provides the platform to avoid distractions and become more productive and successful.”
– Stephen Covey


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Greetings to All our Friends and Colleagues

Thank you for taking the time to open our Note Servicing Center Newsletter. After the blistering summer heat, it is refreshing to feel cool breezes wafting through the office. My friend Dr. Cecil Thompson reminded me that this chill in the air is the welcome harbinger of the Autumnal Equinox which will occur on Sunday Morning, September 30, when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator for north to south.

Unfortunately, the weather is not the only change we in the real estate and finance business are experiencing. The chill wind of a possible recession led by the real estate industry is sweeping across the country, exacerbated by a steady drip of headline news and television reporting regarding the sub-prime meltdown.

Lawmakers, consumer groups and lenders huddle together encouraging the mortgage industry to boost efforts to avoid foreclosures. It is, indeed, a complex situation that negatively affects the overall economy from Wall Street down to the homeowner struggling to avoid the tragedy of having the American Dream of Homeownership becoming a nightmare of tsunami proportions.

Our quarterly newsletter contains information and recommendations on what we as real estate and note practitioners can do to assist homeowners and investors in our individual micro cosmic areas – in our own neighborhoods, in our town and area of influence to find solutions to individual real estate problems. There are tools and systems already in place and available to homeowners who must sell for any reason in addition to those who are facing foreclosures. Problem is they are not aware such solution exists. Most, not all, real estate brokers because they have not experienced disintermediation in real estate and lending are not either aware such innovative and non-traditional solutions exist or simply do not know how to implement or apply them.

I encourage you to take a look at the article by David Butler entitled “Let Genie out of the Bottle with Liquid Paper”. Additionally, I suggest as many as possible consider attending the “Rainmaker” Series Workshop sponsored by “MCK Investments” announced in the “events” section of this Newsletter. Not since the recession of the early 80’s have I been aware of practical real estate solutions and innovative and entrepreneurial formulas offered by a anyone, such as the subjects being be taught in this Rainmaker Series. So, if you plan to attend only one Workshop or Seminar this year…make this one, your choice…an absolute must if you plan to survive and prosper during this national economic befuddlement. I plan to attend and it would be wonderful to meet and see you there.

“Set Yourself Up for Success” By Tom Standen

It is no secret to anyone who has been in the real estate business or financial market for more than a decade; that the Real Estate Market is cyclical. When the market suffers from a downturn due to any cause including increase in interest rates and/or inflation, the willingness of the institutional lender to provide highly leveraged loans declines. Unfortunately, at the same time the ability of buyers to pay significant down payments also declines. As you know, one of the benefits of investing in real estate is the ability to leverage your investment that is. Although you control the entire asset, you only are required to pay a portion of the purchase price down; the balance can be financed over time. During the present cycle, interest rates are low and inexpensive institutional financing is plentiful. However, when the economic conditions tighten – and history declares they will – sellers who want or need to sell will once again be faced with carrying back a note secured by either a first or second Trust Deed on the property – or waiting out the cycle. There is a Proverb that declares: To read more click here

“Let Genie Out of the Bottle with Liquid Paper!” By David Butler

Real estate investing is a simple matter of trading benefits between principal parties. But most people who buy and sell real estate are never able to relate to this concept. Strangely enough, many real estate investors have failed to fully understand this concept as well.

Yes, some investors have grown accustomed to exchanges, and perhaps even the use of installment sale principles, to some degree. Many are at least familiar with the option of seller financing, though most smaller real estate investors have limited horizons with regard to the full spectrum of time-proven alternatives – or understand how to best use them for maximizing the benefits – when buying, or selling investment real estate!

Some of this is due to fear, some to unconsciously drifting into a comfort zone and failing to grow. For others, it is often the misperception of several powerful techniques appearing to be too much more complicated than they really are. Like many retail real estate customers, too many investors fail to fully and carefully think through their ultimate objectives, and how they might best achieve them. This failure to fully understand… To read more click here

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