An increasing number of Airbnb listings are disappearing from the market in New York City as new regulations are put in place. The new regulations, which are designed to crack down on illegal hotels and other short-term rentals, require Airbnb hosts to register their listings with the city and get a certificate from the city.

The regulations, which went into effect on October 1st, are having an immediate impact on the number of Airbnb listings in the city. In the last week, the number of Airbnb listings in New York City has dropped by more than 12%.

The impact of the new regulations is being felt especially hard in Brooklyn, where the number of Airbnb listings has dropped by more than 25%. Brooklyn has long been one of the most popular neighborhoods for Airbnb, with more than 4,000 listings at the start of October.

The new regulations are having a significant impact on the Airbnb market in New York City, and it is likely that the number of listings will continue to decline in the coming weeks and months.

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