The housing industry is filled with talented individuals, but many lack representation and recognition in their respective fields. In this instance, we urge individuals to come together to celebrate the achievements of female leaders in the industry through nomination. Nominating a female leader in the housing industry means recognizing their accomplishments and contributions to the industry, while shining a spotlight on the work female leaders are doing.

The nominees could include a client, colleague, boss, friend, or even self-nomination. Each nominee should be an individual who has demonstrated leadership, innovation, and determination in the housing industry. Their professional accomplishments should be acknowledged and held up as an example in the industry. Importantly, such recognition should be done in order to allow more female voices to be seen and heard in this traditionally male-dominated field.

– Nominations of outstanding female leaders in the housing industry
– Could be a client, colleague, boss, friend, or self-nomination
– Recognition of accomplishments and contributions
– Showcase diverse leadership and innovation in the industry
– Highlight successful women in a traditionally male-dominated field

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