In an exciting development for the mortgage industry, Justin Haag, Chris Haran, and Matthew Consalvo have been elected to the CMLS board of directors. These newly elected members will serve three-year terms, bringing their extensive expertise and unique perspectives to help shape the future of the industry.

• Justin Haag, Chris Haran, and Matthew Consalvo elected to the CMLS board of directors
• Three-year terms for the newly elected members
• Their expertise and perspectives will contribute to the industry’s future

Having a strong board of directors is crucial for any organization, and CMLS is no exception. With their diverse backgrounds and experience, Haag, Haran, and Consalvo are well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities facing the mortgage industry. Their insights and informed decision-making will play a pivotal role in shaping policies and strategies that promote growth and sustainability.

• Strong board of directors crucial for CMLS
• Haag, Haran, and Consalvo bring diverse backgrounds and experience
• Their insights will shape policies and strategies for growth and sustainability in the mortgage industry.

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