Mr. Cooper, a leading mortgage services company and formerly known as Nationstar, filed a lawsuit against vendor ACI Payments for unauthorized mortgage payments imposed on its customers in 2021. Specifically, Mr. Cooper alleges that ACI Payments unilaterally implemented new security protocols and processes that resulted in hardships to its customers.

Mr. Cooper argues ACI Payments’ actions were violations of its agreements, causing customers to be charged fees, change their method of payment, and make additional payments to cover fees. Additionally, customers were subject to the fear and stress, in some cases, of the possibility of foreclosure or eviction.

The following allegations and issues are summarized in the lawsuit:
• Unauthorized charging of fees to customers: Mr. Cooper alleges that ACI Payments implemented new methods of processing and collecting payments without its knowledge and without proper authorization.
• Customers exposed to hardship: The new protocols reportedly resulted in hardships for customers, including the requirement to change their payment method or make additional payments to cover said fees.
• Violation of agreements : Mr. Cooper argues that ACI Payments acted in violation of its agreements, causing customers additional burden and anxiety.

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