Mortgage rates in the US are currently respite from a recent decline, with rates remaining anchored at a higher level of 7%. This scenario is being caused by investors choosing to focus on the impact of rising headline inflation ahead of the Federal Reserve’s rate decision for the week.

There are some points to bear in mind:

– Mortgage rates in the US have remained relatively stable at 7%
– Investors are mainly focused on the implications of rising headline inflation
– The Federal Reserve’s rate decision for the week is expected to be a major influence
– Some divergence is expected between shorter and longer-term loans, and between conventional and government-backed mortgages

Overall, mortgage rates in the US have proved relatively resilient in the face of turbulence on other fronts, with investor caution causing rates to remain stable for the near term. Analysts remain divided on what the exact outcome of the Fed meeting could be, and this is causing uncertainty in the market. The effects of this on the mortgage market in the US remain to be seen.

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