The National Association of Realtors (NAR), a trade group representing 1.5 million members, is facing criticism over its policies and practices. In the wake of a troubling sexual harassment scandal, two class-action lawsuits were brought against the NAR, raising the prospect that how real estate agents do business could be changed.

This week’s DataDigest looks closely at the positions of the NAR, and the lobbying efforts it has put forth. The NAR’s advocacy efforts, such as leading the homebuyer tax credit legislation and pushing for mortgage reform, have remained largely unchanged in the past year. The trade group continues to push for expanding access to homeownership and to defend federal policies propping up the real estate industry. They have also been unfazed by the lawsuits, doubling down on their lobbying strategies keep the real estate market moving forward.

Key Takeaways:
• The NAR has faced criticism due to a sexual harassment scandal and class-action lawsuits
• The DataDigest looks at the policy advocacy positions and lobbying efforts of the NAR
• The NAR has led homebuyer tax credit legislation and pushed for mortgage reform
• They seek to expand access to homeownership and defend federal policies involved in the real estate industry
• The NAR has not been fazed by the lawsuits and is continuing to lobby strategies to keep the real estate market moving forward

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