As the CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), Mat Ishbia has been leading the charge in disrupting the mortgage lending industry. With UWM’s sustained profitability and Ishbia’s proven track record of success, his insights remain highly sought after. In a recent interview, Ishbia discussed a variety of topics, including whether his 2026 goal is being met, the impact of the current ‘ultimatum’ and how the wholesale landscape might look differently after all is said and done.

Ishbia touched on the topic of pricing wars in the wholesale space, noting that UWM has remained profitable throughout. Additionally, he discussed the idea of UWM transitioning further towards a hybrid model, incorporating both originations and servicing. On the whole, Ishbia shared that he believes the industry is moving away from the traditional branch-based model and shifting towards technology. He is optimistic about the future, given the resilience shown by UWM until now.

Key Points:
• UWM has proven their profitability throughout current pricing wars
• Ishbia optimistic about the shift from the traditional model to a more technology-focused approach
• UWM is transitioning from a traditional originations company to a hybrid model
• UWM’s 2026 goal still being determined but the resilience they have shown thus far gives him hope

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