Two potential solutions have emerged that could resolve the ongoing mortgage industry challenges. One option is the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) increasing their purchases of mortgage-backed securities (MBS), while the other option involves the Federal Reserve ending its Quantitative Tightening (QT) policy. However, it appears that the former option is more probable than the latter.

Key Points:
• GSEs considering increased MBS purchases: The GSEs are contemplating the idea of acquiring more mortgage-backed securities. This move aims to inject liquidity into the mortgage market and potentially stabilize it.
• Fed’s QT policy under evaluation: The Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Tightening policy, which involved reducing its balance sheet, may be reconsidered. Ending this policy could provide relief to the mortgage industry.
• Higher likelihood of GSEs’ action: While both solutions are being discussed, it appears that the GSEs purchasing more MBS is the more likely scenario. This approach aligns with the government’s efforts to support the housing market.
• Uncertainty surrounding the Fed’s decision: The potential end to the QT policy is accompanied by uncertainty. The actual implementation of this option remains unclear and is seen as less probable compared to the GSEs’ actions.

Overall, as the mortgage industry faces challenges, the potential of increased MBS purchases by GSEs and the potential end of the Fed’s QT policy offer two potential solutions. However, it seems that the GSEs’ actions may be more realistic and effective for addressing the industry’s concerns.

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