This article, “The Little Things Mean a Lot in Mortgage Operations” by Ryan McKenna, discusses the importance of attention to detail in running a successful mortgage operation. It explains that treating small tasks like they are of the utmost importance and refining processes to mitigate problems can ensure your mortgage operation runs smoothly.

The article first highlights the importance of having a focus on detail. It states that structure and order is key, and setting expectations and enforcing processes can help ensure that efficient procedures are set. It further cites the example of having a uniform email signature across groups in a team, as this can help ensure that direct contact information is kept in the same format and is accessible no matter who the point of contact is.

McKenna goes on to explain the importance of having consistent procedures in place throughout your team, ensuring that everyone is up to date on all relevant information and that things are done the same way every time. This ensures consistency and minimizes delays, as well as decreasing the chance of errors.

Finally, the article delves into the difficulty of getting your employees to follow processes. It states that knowing your team and their strengths and weaknesses is essential, and taking the time to train and familiarize team members with all of the processes is vital. It emphasizes that being concise and utilizing visuals and technology can ensure that processes are followed without creating confusion.

Overall, this article reiterates the importance of detailed processes in order to successfully run a mortgage operation. It explains the importance of setting and enforcing expectations, having consistent procedures, and training team members, emphasizing that the small tasks involved in running an operation add up to make a huge difference.

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