The housing market in Maui is witnessing a crisis of rising living costs and the influx of opportunistic land seekers. According to a recently released report, the plight of families being displaced is only making the issues worse.

The major cause of the crisis is the ever-growing demand for housing coming up against the island’s limited resources, availability of land, and budget restraints. In the face of such challenges, homebuyers must compete for the limited supply of homes, driving the prices of housing out of reach for many lower-income individuals and families. Whether existing or newly constructed, current housing stock is either becoming increasingly expensive or simply unavailable for those without substantial resources.

Key points:
• Rising living costs and opportunistic land seekers are contributing to a housing crisis on Maui
• Limited resources, availability of land, and budget restraints create a competition for housing causing its prices to increase
• Existing housing stock is too expensive or unavailable for those without resources

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