Mark Cohen is a finance industry expert who heads up the Cohen Financial Group. Mr. Cohen’s specialized in the dual-sided Southern California housing market, where he has built up a stellar reputation over many years. He believes that to stay at the top of the industry today, it’s important to be well-versed in market conditions, financing products, and current regulations.

To stay on top of the market, Mr. Cohen’s research technique includes digesting market research data, observing market activity, and discussing industry trends with colleagues. Additionally, Mr. Cohen has invested much of his time in understanding the ever-evolving housing market, and is always in-tune with the nuances of both sides of the market – sellers and buyers. He applies his knowledge and research to advise clients on their best financing options and provide suitable advice to both parties.

Important elements:
• Finance industry expert – Mark Cohen heads Cohen Financial Group
• Specialized in dual-sided Southern California housing market
• Staying on top of the market requires research, understanding of market conditions, and financing products
• Research technique: digesting market data, observing market activity, and discussing industry trends
• Investment in understanding the ever-evolving housing market
• Providing suitable advice to both buyers and sellers

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