California-based lender loanDepot has unveiled its latest innovation in the mortgage industry: melloNow, a cutting-edge fully-automated underwriting engine. This advanced technology, developed by loanDepot, aims to revolutionize the lending process by speeding up loan approvals while maintaining robust risk assessment protocols.

melloNow allows borrowers to apply for a mortgage online and receive an instant decision, making the traditionally time-consuming and paperwork-heavy process much more efficient. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, melloNow analyzes an extensive range of financial data to evaluate creditworthiness and determine eligibility. With this automated system, loanDepot aims to streamline the loan application process, reduce human error, and provide borrowers with faster access to mortgage financing.

Key points:

– loanDepot, a California-based lender, has launched melloNow, a fully-automated underwriting engine.
– melloNow enables borrowers to apply for a mortgage online and receive instant loan decisions.
– The technology utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to assess creditworthiness and eligibility.
– loanDepot aims to expedite the loan application process and reduce human error with this automated system.

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