Lightning Docs recently released their Loan Modifications Module 2.0. The module is an automated loan modification solution that is designed to help distressed homeowners struggling with their mortgage. This new version of the module will increase efficiency, reduce costs and streamline communication with the lender.

The Loan Modifications Module 2.0 uses an algorithm based workflow process that evaluates the borrower’s data against underwriting guidelines specific to the loan’s investor. The module’s framework captures the customer’s data in a way that enables lenders to easily access and interpret it while providing a reliable, scalable platform to aid in the calculation of the appropriate loan modification.

Lightning Docs also provides a team of experts to assist lenders in completing loan modifications for customers. The team is available to help with any questions borrowers may have due to the complexity of loan modifications. The team provides guidance and support throughout the entire loan modification process.

The Loan Modifications Module 2.0 provides an automated workflow process and the support of experienced personnel to aid the lender in providing assistance to distressed borrowers. It is intended to increase efficiency, reduce costs and streamline communication with the lender. It is an innovative solution to improve the loan modification process on a large scale and ensure that distressed homeowners receive the help they desperately need.

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