The Loan Store, a leader in the mortgage loan industry, formerly one of the largest independently owned mortgage companies, recently completed a period of recirculation. In an interview with HousingWire, Loan Store CEO Phil Shoemaker discussed the company’s progress and detailed the firm’s business model for the future.

In the interview, Shoemaker addressed proactive, methodical growth that will focus on increasing the number of technology partners with upcoming product announcements expected. He also discussed the importance of managing the cost structure of the loan origination platform to remain competitive with other major players, such as United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM). Shoemaker also addressed the company’s technology stack, citing that combining high-quality technology components with varying levels of customization would allow for faster and more efficient loan closing and compliance.

Key Points:
• Proactive, methodical growth with upcoming product announcements
• Cost structure management to remain competitive with UWM
• Combine high-quality technology components with customization for faster and more efficient loan closing and compliance

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