EPM is a dynamic mortgage lending business that has recently seen an impressive shift to the third-party origination (TPO) business; this shift is evidenced by a growth rate of 400%. This move has allowed the business to leverage its existing customer relationships and retail loan officers (LO) to ensure a smooth transition into a successful TPO business.

The impact of this move has been observed in the sales team, where many members of the former retail team have now transitioned to the wholesale side. In doing so, EPM has been able to combine knowledge from both the retail and wholesale sectors to create a balanced set of services that can meet the needs of clients from both markets. Through this transition, EPM has been able to further develop its ability to provide a highly reliable and diversified mortgage lending experience to its clients, while continuing to remain flexible and agile in the face of a changing market.

Important Elements:
• EPM has fully shifted to the TPO business
• Growth rate of 400+
• Leverage existing customer relationships and LO’s
• Many retail loan officers are now on the wholesale side
• Combined knowledge from both markets to create a balanced set of services
• Highly reliable and diversified mortgage lending experience

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/how-epm-plans-to-win-in-the-tpo-channel-after-exiting-retail/(subscription required)

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