The mortgage industry is seeing an influx of new down payment assistance (DPA) programs being offered by various lenders. The latest addition to the list of lenders is G-Rate, a provider of competitive mortgage products and services.

With the inclusion of G-Rate, more first-time homebuyers are being offered assistance with down payment requirements, giving these potential buyers a helping hand in achieving the dream of homeownership. G-Rate’s DPA programs will focus on affordability requirements related to the down payment size and eligibility for assistance. These programs offer assistance to those who are unable to pay the stated down payment amount due to their current earnings.

Key Points:
• Addition of G-Rate to list of lenders offering DPA programs
• More first-time homebuyers access to down payment assistance
• Programs focus on affordability related to down payment size, eligibility for assistance
• Targeted assistance to those unable to meet the full down payment amount due to earnings

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