In a recent development within the mortgage industry, Judge Patty Saris has decided to stay the Nosalek suit while awaiting Judge Stephen Bough’s ruling on the National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement. This decision has significant implications for both parties involved in the legal proceedings.

Key points from this update include:
– Judge Patty Saris has put the Nosalek suit on hold
– The decision to stay the case is related to waiting for Judge Stephen Bough’s ruling on the NAR settlement
– This development could potentially impact the outcome of the legal dispute between the parties involved
– The mortgage industry will be closely monitoring further updates on this case as it unfolds

Overall, the decision to stay the Nosalek suit underscores the complex legal landscape within the mortgage industry and highlights the importance of judicial rulings in shaping the future direction of ongoing legal disputes. Industry experts will be paying close attention to any future developments in this case.

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