1. Names Change – Teams the Same
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Names Change – Teams the Same

It has been said, “There is Nothing more Constant than Change”. For those of us involved in the real estate and finance industry, we know this better than most. In 2002, shortly after the new millennium, we found ourselves scrambling to keep up with the pace of new opportunities for servicing. The most notable trend, in addition to the increase in the basic seller carry back transactions, was the increasing demand to service multi-investor loans, all inclusive trust deeds, notes held by exchange intermediaries and Investors with notes secured by trust deeds held in their Pension Plan and/or Self Directed IRA. So, once again, we must refocus and set a new course as new opportunities emerge. North American Loan Servicing has now been totally restructured including the change in name to the “NOTE SERVICING CENTER INC.” The name change provides an opportunity for the Institutional Note Buyer/Funders, Mortgage and Loan Brokers, Limited Liability Companies and Private Mortgage Pools to seamlessly outsource the servicing of their loans and notes to a third party. This “back office” feature is now providing an additional source of income for several of our clients and can be customized with “private labeling” depending upon size of the note portfolio. An age old philosophical principal says “change causes displacement and displacement causes fear” – But, “No fear Here” because although the name has changed the team remains the same!

Meet our Team

A third generation family owned and operated business formed primarily to collect, calculate and disburse note and loan payments for seller financed real estate since 1984. (Top)


An elusive force that keeps entrepreneurs on track regardless of the ups and downs inherent in their career. Among the arsenal of tools to keep one motivated are pep talks, self-talk, training sessions, coaches, recognition, financial rewards etc., but it is important to remember that motivation ultimately is self-generated.
So, keep focused, weed out negative people from your life by staying away from the people we call the “destroyers” in life. It’s just plain unfortunate that when you start out on a new venture, like getting into the Note Business, how few people will say “Go for it, you’re going to be great”! Instead, they tell you, “It won’t last”.
Long-term sustainable motivation comes from a “burning desire” to obtain a specific goal, followed by a detailed plan AND a specific time to accomplish the goal. We wish you enormous success in the building of your business as a note consultant.  (Top)

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