1. Greetings
  2. The Practice of Persistence By Roberta Standen
  3. The Equity Holding Trust by Bill Gatten, President Equity Holding Trust™
  4. Cash in on the American Investor’s Quest by Michael Scott, Vice President Pensco

Greetings to All our Friends and Colleagues

A great day to be alive! All of us at North American Loan servicing hope you are enjoying the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and thanking you for taking the time to open this Newsletter, produced for you, to bring and keep you up to date on what’s happening in the Cash Flow Business.

First, some exciting news!! The On-line book store is finally up and functioningon our web site at where you will find my booklet, “A Gold Mine of Notes – All the Notes you Need Under your Nose” It is really a sampling of what the complete book will contain when published soon along with a CD. The first “synergy partner” we are developing is the Realtor/Broker as a place to locate notes. In the next few weeks we will add on the “Title Companies and Attorneys and go from there. There has been such an overwhelming response to getting something like this on the market that I am writing just as fast as I can. At least this booklet is a start. When you order the booklet, you will notice on the inside front cover, I have requested you contact me via e-mail at with any ideas on content you would like in the completed book. In return for that I will send you via e-mail a sample presentation and personal brochure for your use when approaching and presenting to a Real Estate Broker or agent. Take a look!

I can’t decide which article to recommend you to read first. Each one in this issue is dynamite and right up to minute. We know that both the use of a self-directed IRA to build wealth and the use of a Land Trust are hotter than the weather forecast these days. Rather than make you wait until our next issue in September, we crammed both of them in here. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and get up to date on some really worthwhile “Hot Topics.”

First of all, experts agree that “Variety is the Spice of Life” and that by choosing to diversify your investments in a self-directed retirement plan you can put your own retirement funds to work. This can be done, providing you establish the self-directed account with an administrator whose plans allow these types of investments. The administrator does not CHOOSE for you, YOU choose. The administrator simply carries out your instructions while handling the administrative details.

Although your retirement date may still be many years off, it is never too early to start your preparation. The earlier you begin your planning, the better. Tom Anderson, President, CEO and Founder of Pensco says that “most people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do planning for their retirement”. So, to be financially secure in your later years, you need to create a plan for retirement that will maintain your quality of life today and in the future.

In this website at , you will find an excellent article written by Michael Scott, Vice President of Pensco. When you use your self directed IRA fund to purchase notes or beneficial interest in a land trust, most administrators require you to provide your own Note Servicing Provider to handle the record keeping and processing you invest in. That’s where North American Loan Servicing comes in!

North American Loan Servicing, a qualified servicing provider takes care of all the details for a small monthly service fee. Contact us at for a list of routine services.

Next, I know you will enjoy both the writing style and the powerful information presented by Bill Gatten, founder and creator of the Equity Holding Trust™ system. Our partner company, Equity Holding Corporation, has been servicing as a corporate trustee for some time now, and we are continually asked, “What in the World is a Land Trust”. Well, here’s your chance to find out. The complete article can be found on our web site at Also, we recommend you visit containing a wealth of information about the Equity Holding Land Trust.


The Practice of Persistence

During our career as investors, and now as a note servicing company for the private cash flow industry, one double-sided lament we continually hear a lot is the constant complaint about the shortage of notes – and the competition spawned by the proliferation of new cash flow entrepreneurs.

Our own experience as a note servicing company gives us “first-hand” experience that dispels the myth of a “shortage of notes”, and statistically, we can verify the existence of billions of dollars in notes available in the marketplace – To finish this article…