A recent court ruling has awarded the real estate properties of the late singer Aretha Franklin to her three sons, based on a handwritten will she created in 2014. The decision was made by a judge who recognized the validity of the will, despite it being written in longhand. The ruling highlights the importance of properly documenting one’s testamentary wishes, even if they are not typed or printed.

Key Points:
– Aretha Franklin’s real estate properties have been awarded to her three sons based on a handwritten will from 2014
– The judge recognized the validity of the will, despite it being in longhand
– Properly documenting testamentary wishes is essential, regardless of the format in which they are written.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/citing-handwritten-will-judge-awards-aretha-franklins-real-estate-to-three-sons/

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