Keller Williams, co-founded by Gary Keller and led by ex-CEO John Davis, has been hit with a lawsuit in the Western District of Texas. The lawsuit is the second to be filed against the real estate firm and names Keller, Keller Williams, former KW president Josh Team, and Business MAPS Ltd. as defendants.

The complaint alleges that Keller and Team’s actions broke fiduciary duties, harmed the value of the firm, and were incompatible with the fiduciary duties of loyalty and care that Davis and other KW stockholders held. It also claims that Keller and Team had planned to stealthily liquidate the firm for their own benefit.

Highlights of the Complaint:
• Alleges that Keller and Team’s actions broke their fiduciary duties
• Claims that the former employees planned to liquidate the firm to benefit themselves
• States that the actions caused damage to the firm and its stockholders
• Summons Keller Williams and the other defendants to a civil court trial

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