The online shared accommodation space has seen a recent resurgence of activity, with local governments and businesses having to respond to the growth of Airbnb and similar services. Though the sector has seen a tremendous increase in activity over the past several years, there have been some noticeable drops in the number of listings due to the impact of the pandemic.

Recently, a tweet went viral that proclaimed the ‘crashing’ of the short-term rental market due to the pandemic, claiming it would have a significant impact on inventory. However, an in-depth analysis of the sector reveals that the reality of the situation is more complex. While the pandemic has indeed had a noticeable impact on the sector, the ‘crashing’ of the market is certainly an overstatement.

In summation:
•The shared accommodation space has grown quickly in recent years
•The pandemic has led to a drop in listings
•A recent viral tweet suggested that the entire market was ‘crashing’
•The reality of the situation is more complex than that

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