Incenter Diligence Solutions, a leader in servicing rights diligence, announced on Wednesday that it has expanded its offerings in the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) trading market.

This expansion allows Incenter to provide more cost-effective and accurate diligence with a greater understanding of the MSR market as a whole. The new services are expected to enable greater liquidity for the MSR market, eliminating the need for buyers to sell to a single party and consequently providing sellers with multiple options.

Incenter’s new MSR services include:
* Full market analysis: Incenter provides market insights and a comparative review of multiple counterparty options.
* Risk and portfolio analysis: Incenter performs compliance reviews, financial and regulatory assessment, as well as portfolio stress testing.
* Technology: A proprietary technology platform leveraging the latest analytical modeling and portfolio analysis techniques.

It is expected that the new services provided by Incenter will no doubt improve the ability of mortgage servicers to manage their MSR portfolios. With Incenter’s assistance, servicers can now access a better understanding of the market, which will lead to better decision making and eventually improved performance. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, Incenter is facilitating greater liquidity for MSRs, which is beneficial both for servicers and investors.

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