Video can be an effective way to market yourself to prospective employers. If you are looking to highlight your skills and character, using video to showcase these qualities can be advantageous to expressing yourself in a way that cannot be done with words alone. Here is what you need to consider when taking this approach to self-marketing:

• Keep It Positive: Whatever video you decide to post, always keep it positive and professional. You never want to attract negative attention, so be sure that anything you post is suitable for potential employers.

• Quality Content: Showcase who you are and what you can offer to your prospective employers. Keep the content broad enough so that many viewers can relate to your content, but specific in a way that allows employers to determine what you bring to the table.

• Represent Yourself Well: You want to accurately reflect who you are and what you can offer. Present yourself in the best light possible, so that employers can understand your message.

Video can be a great way to show potential employers who you are. As long as you keep it positive and professional, it can be an attractive way to present yourself and your skills. Put thought into what you post so that potential employers can understand the message you are conveying to them. It may also be helpful to have others review your video before you post it to ensure the message is appropriate. Taking these steps can give employers a better understanding of who you are and why you would be the best person for the job.

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