Community capital has the potential to be a transformative force in the economy, positively impacting a variety of sectors. One area in particular that is primed for the effects of this paradigm shift is the housing sector. This form of capital crowd-sources funds in order to invest in projects that have wide-reaching and positive effects on the community, from increasing home-ownership rates to reducing home prices. By leveraging this collective capital, housing can become more open and accessible to a broader range of people.

Investing in the housing sector with community capital has a multitude of benefits. Home-ownership can become a much more achievable goal as high entry costs become more reasonable for larger sections of the population. This is beneficial both to individuals who benefit financially from owning their own home, as well has having a positive effect on the broader community. Additionally, the influx of capital can result in a decrease in housing prices, allowing more people to access the housing market. The potential of this form of capital is immense, and can be the harbinger of a more inclusive and prosperous housing market.

Main points:
• The housing sector is primed to benefit from community capital
• Investing in the housing sector has a wide variety of benefits, such as increasing home-ownership rates and reducing home prices
• Community capital can lead to a more inclusive and prosperous housing market

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