The housing market has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade. On Tuesday, the FHFA House Price Index hit an all-time high, once again demonstrating the strength of the market. Despite this, total active listings are still low, with inventory levels near all-time lows. Despite this lack of availability, it is evident that demand has stabilized, allowing the market to weather the pandemic without significant disruption.

Due to its digital nature, the home buying process has become easier than ever, making it simpler for buyers to find and purchase homes. The latest figures from the FHFA indicate that increasing numbers of buyers are taking advantage of this technology and the attractive prices. Meanwhile, sellers remain confident that the market will sustain yet another wave of growth, allowing them to realize their financial goals.

Bullet Points
• FHFA House Price Index hit an all-time high – demonstrating the strength of the market
• Total active listings are still low – near all-time lows
• Demand has stabilized – pandemic has not had a significant disruption
• Home buying process digital – makes it easier for buyers to find and purchase homes
• Increasing numbers of buyers taking advantage of technology and attractive prices
• Sellers remain confident – market will sustain another wave of growth

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