The terms of a home loan – such as the loan amount, interest rate, loan type and loan maturity – directly affect a home’s value. With that in mind, housing market experts have much to consider when determining a home’s worth.

In this insightful article, Scott Wright dives in to the issue of home loan terms and their impact on property values. He identifies some key indicators that impact a home’s worth: loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, loan product, overall credit score of the borrower and the lender. Wright reviews how each of these factors can either increase or decrease the home’s worth.

Additionally, Wright explains how certain loan features like the loan amount, interest rate and loan type influence home values. He examines how loan features impact the amount of money a borrower can afford to offer for a property. Finally, he addresses how loan maturity affects the value of a home.

Key Points:
• Loan amount, interest rate, loan type and loan maturity directly impact a home’s value
• Loan-to-value ratio, loan product, credit-score of borrower & lender influence value
• Loan features & maturity influence the amount a borrower can offer
• Loan features determine whether a home increases or decreases in value

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